Henry Hargreaves, the Brooklyn-based photographer who wowed us before with his festive book of boobs in 3D, surprises yet again in this recent fashion editorial for which he ditched the camera in favor of… a scanner. The shoot, featuring intense, 30-second close ups of RED model Talika,  showcases jewelry by Pamela Love, Lizzie Fortunato, We Are Here, Asos, Dannijo, Stella McCartney, and Me&Ro.


  2. Damien Hirst Spot Paintings in M&M’s by Henry Hargreaves

    There’s no doubt that you have seen Damien Hirst’s colorful Spot paintings but we bet you never thought you would see a recreation of them done entirely with M&M’s. Photographer and artist Henry Hargreaves took it upon himself to do just that. From a distance, you can’t really differentiate between the real works and this recreation, but by getting your squint on, you can see the M print.